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Wella SP hair mask

For deep care of your hair, a hair mask is essential. With a Wella SP hair mask you can give your hair that care. The brand offers professional lines tailored to your hair type and hair problem. There are no less than 9 variants of the Wella SP hair mask. So there is sure to be a suitable hair mask for your hair type!


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Wella SP

Wella SP hair mask

Whether your hair is damaged or has undergone a color treatment a hair mask restores its healthier appearance and gives it a chance to recover. Wella SP believes that beautiful and healthy hair can be achieved with a personalized and long-term hair routine.

How do you use a Wella SP Hair Mask?

For the best absorption of the hair mask, it is important that you first cleanse your hair with a matching Wella SP shampoo. Make sure the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out before applying the hair mask. Then make the hair towel dry and apply the mask. Spread the hair mask over the lengths and ends of the hair and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, use a Wella SP conditioner to close the hair cuticles and lock the nutrients from the hair mask into the hair.

Popular hair masks

Hydrate Mask: When your hair feels stiff and dry, your hair needs proper hydration. This mask ensures that the hair is deeply hydrated and protected from drying out at the same time. Consequently, it feels softer immediately after use.

Repair Mask: Damaged hair can be recognized by its dull appearance and frizz. By deep care with the repair mask you can protect your hair from future damage and existing damage is repaired instantly by this strong hair mask.

Color Save Mask: When you have colored your hair you want to keep the color as long and beautiful as possible. Through proper care with the Color Save Mask you can maintain this brightness and shine of your hair.


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