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Wella dry shampoo

The Wella dry shampoo is the solution to keep your hair in shape longer between washes. The product is easy to use, so the Wella dry shampoo makes your hair look fresh. At the Wella dry shampoo is available in several sizes. Discover the product and enjoy a fresh look.



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Using Wella dry shampoo

Wella dry shampoo is easy to use. First, it is important to shake the bottle well. Then you can spray the product evenly on the hair roots. Make sure to hold the bottle at a distance of about 30 centimeters. You can then massage the dry shampoo with your fingers or brush the hair to distribute the product. The dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and oil and gives your hair a fresh, clean look.

The reason behind dry shampoo

Wella dry shampoo is specially designed to give hair a fresh look between washes. It is a convenient and quick alternative to traditional washing with water and shampoo, which is often time-consuming. Moreover, washing hair frequently with shampoo can dry out and damage hair. However, dry shampoo is not a substitute for washing with shampoo. However, it is an ideal solution to refresh the hair so that washing can be postponed for a while.

Types and sizes

At, we have several types of Wella dry shampoos. For example, we have the Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me in our range. One of the ingredients in this product is tapioca flour. This absorbs excess grease. In addition, this dry shampoo from the EIMI line gives a matte texture. The Wella dry shampoo is available in different sizes: 180 ml and 65 ml.



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