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Wella Blondor

Wella Blondor is a popular hair color line designed specifically to create beautiful blonde shades. The line consists of several products, including powders, creams and toners. These products from the Wella Blondor line are used to achieve the desired hair color. Discover the Wella Blondor products at and lighten your hair in different shades.



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The Wella Blondor product line

The Wella Blondor line consists of several products. These products work together to create blonde shades. Whether you want extreme color accents, bright highlights or a natural blonde effect: the Wella Blondor products help you.

Blondor Multi Blonde Powder

One of the products in the Blondor line is the Blondor Multi Blonde Powder. This is hair color powder that can be used to lighten hair up to seven shades. The powder is enriched with proteins and conditioners to protect and care for the hair during blonding.

Blondor Freelights Emulsion.

The Wella Professionals Blondor Freelights Emulsion is the hydrogen peroxide that should be used in combination with the Blondor powder. This Emulsion is available in different variants, each with a different brightening. For mild brightening, 6% is good, for extra brightening, 9% is next in line and for maximum brightening, the 12% variant is excellent. Freelights create a unique look that makes it look like it was created by sun, sea and wind.

Wella Professionals Blondor Extra Cool Blonde

The Wella Professionals Blondor Extra Cool Blonde creates an extra cool blonde shade. Get powder can be used to lighten hair up to seven shades and is enriched with ingredients that protect and care for your hair.

Wella Professionals Blondor Seal & Care.

The Wella Professionals Blondor Seal & Care is an after-treatment on blonde services. It is a high-shine conditioner and conditions the hair after using all other Blondor products. The product conditions the hair and gives extra shine.


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