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Tondeo Knives

Of course, a good hairdresser will make your hairstyle totally sleek with the fine line work with a barber's knife. Tondeo blades provide the super sleek results your clients want. The different holders for these knives lie nicely in the hand and have interchangeable blades, so the result will always be super sleek! They are suitable for both cutting and shaving and for neck and beard hair. has four variants of Tondeo barber knives in its range, each with their own advantage.


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Tondeo Hairdressing Knife

With an ergonomic Tondeo Barber Knife, you as a barber will ensure the smoothest results for your clients. Easily remove beard and neck hairs with a super smooth and fast result. The blades are interchangeable, so hygienic and durable. The angle of the blades also makes it completely safe for both barber and client. The different set include knife holders where 10 standard blades are included. The different holders have different advantages, for example, the Sifter Ergo and Comfort Cut are designed with more ergonomic features for optimal comfort.

Tondeo tss3 blades

One of the most popular Tondeo blades are the Tondeo tss3 blades. These blades are suitable for both shaving and cutting hair. They have an optimized cutting angle for extra strength and the sharpest cutting result. The Tss3 blades are suitable for the Tondeo Sifter Classic and the Tondeo Sifter Ergo. These also come standard with 10 of these top blades.

Tondeo hairdressing scissors

In addition to barber knives, you also have the Tondeo Barber Scissors. These scissors are high quality and offer the hairdresser a precision tool designed to accurately cut hair into shape. Barber scissors are made of high quality steel so that they will last for years and are optimally sharpened so that they keep cutting for a long time even when used intensively. The hairdressing scissors are designed with ergonomics in mind so that even with prolonged use, the scissors remain comfortable in the hand.


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