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Osmo Shampoo

Good hair care naturally begins with proper cleansing. Osmo shampoo provides a good foundation for a wash routine by focusing on strengthening the hair without removing all the natural goodness. Thus, you cleanse the hair well, but maintain the natural health of your hair. You even help strengthen it. Osmo Shampoo is divided into several lines that help you get the best out of your hair. The Osmo Shampoo


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Volume Shampoo

Do you suffer from lifeless and fine hair? With the Osmo Volume Shampoo you lay the foundation for more volume and body. This is because the shampoo is enriched with Soybean Oil and Rice Protein provide mild cleansing and hydration. This makes the hair thicker, but without weighing it down so you get beautiful resilient volume.

Purple Shampoo

This sulfate-free purple shampoo makes blonde, gray or blonde hair lose yellow undertones. If you want a beautiful ash blonde look then you need this Osmo super silver shampoo. Your hair color is really transformed by the purple pigments and gets a healthy shine!

Blue Shampoo

Do you enjoy your brown (colored) hair, but are bothered by the warm undertones? Then the Osmo Blue Shampoo is for you. This shampoo with blue pigments eliminates warm and orange tones in your brown hair and gives it a cooler undertone. The formula is sulfate-free and is therefore gentle on the hair.

Osmo Shampoo 1000ml

A big advantage is that there is also Osmo Shampoo 1000ml! These are the same shampoos as the 400ml packs but larger. These liter packs are not only more economical, but because of the larger packaging you also save plastic. You also don't have to order new shampoo as often, so it's really a win-win situation for you!


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