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KMS CurlUp

KMS CurlUp has several hair care products that make your curls shine. The ingredients of KMS CurlUp make your hair less frizzy and dry and give your curls a healthy shine. With the KMS CurlUp products you can care for and style your hair more easily. Explore our range and enjoy your beautiful shiny locks.


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Caring with KMS CurlUp

KMS CurlUp products are caring for curly hair. The products are designed to enhance and beautify curls. In addition, your hair is protected and strengthened by using the products. In fact, the ingredients ensure that frizzy and dry hair is moisturized, giving you more shine. Furthermore, the products protect your hair from heat treatments such as blow dryers and curling irons. This keeps your volume shiny hair.

The products of KMS CurlUp

The hair care line of KMS CurlUp consists of different products. For example, there is the Perfecting Lotion and the Control Crème to style your hair smoothly without frizz. In addition, some products in the line are "Curly Girl Proof. This is a care method where products help you get the best curls. To comply with the 'Curly girl method', a product may not contain some ingredients, such as alcohol or sulfates. With the KMS CurlUp twisting Style Balm, Control Crème and the Wave Foam, you can be sure that these ingredients are not in the product and therefore your curls will look their best.

Using the products

KMS CurlUp products are easy to use. You use the products to style your hair, keeping it nicely in shape. You can apply it to dry or towel-dried hair. You distribute it along the length of your hair, then you can let it air dry or use a blow dryer. All day long you can enjoy how you have shaped your hair.

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