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KIS shampoo

In the search for the perfect hair care, you are bound to stumble across KIS (Keratin Infusion System): a brand that stands out for its innovative approach to hair restoration and
hair care. KIS shampoo is designed to transform and revitaliseevery hair type . read more >>



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KIS shampoo for every hair type

KIS shampoo offers several options tailored to specific hair needs and types. When choosing the right KIS shampoo, it is important to consider what is actually your specific hair need. Whether you need recovery from damage, want to protect colour , neutralise unwanted tones, add volume or are looking for a solution to an oily scalp, there is a KIS shampoo to suityour unique hair needs and type .

  • KeraMax KIS shampoo for dry and damaged hair: this shampoo is ideal for hair damaged by heat or chemical treatments. It helps repair the hair by adding keratin and moisture. This makes hair stronger and more resilient.
  • Color KIS shampoo for coloured hair: specially designed to protect coloured hair and prolong colour life. This shampoo prevents fading and keeps your colour looking bright and fresh for longer.
  • No Yellow shampoo KISS for blonde, bleached or grey hair: developed to neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde, bleached or grey hair. This shampoo creates a cool, ash-blonde shade and keeps your hair vibrant and fresh.
  • Volume KIS shampoo for fine and lifeless hair: if your hair needs extra body and volume, this is the perfect choice. It strengthens hair from the roots and gives long-lasting fullness and lift without weighing hair down.
  • Scalp KIS shampoo For oily hair: this shampoo is formulated to target oily scalp and remove excess sebum without drying out the hair. It results in a fresh and clean feeling that extends the time between washes.
  • Daily KIS shampoo for all hair types: it is suitable for daily use and for all hair types. It gently but effectively cleanses hair. This leaves it fresh and cared for every day.

The ingredients of KIS shampoo and its benefits

The exact composition of ingredients varies per KIS shampoo, tailored to specific hair needs. The brand strives to develop products that are not only effective in caring for and treating hair, but are also kind to the scalp and the environment.
  • Keratin: keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in hair and is essential for hair structure. KIS uses keratin to strengthen, repair and improve hair elasticity . It helps to rebuild damaged hair, protect it and prepare itfor any future damage.
  • Essential oils and plant extracts: depending on the specific shampoo, essential oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil can be added. This is for extra hydration, shine or to soothe and care for the scalp.
  • Vitamins: vitamins such as vitamin E and B5 (panthenol) are popular additives because of their moisturising properties and their ability to nourish hair and support scalp health.
  • Amino acids: these building blocks of proteins help strengthen the structure and can help repair damaged hair. They also support to maintain moisture in the hair.
  • Free of sulphates and parabens: most KIS shampoos are free of sulphates and parabens. Sulphates are cleansing agents that can sometimes be too strong for damaged or sensitive hair and can dry out the scalp. Parabens are preservatives that people often prefer to stay away from. By avoiding these ingredients, KIS provides a gentler cleansing that is suitable for all hair types.
  • pH-balanced: the shampoos are often pH-balanced to respect and preserve the scalp's natural acid mantle, which is important for a healthy scalp and hair.

KIS shampoo can be found at

KIS shampoo offers an advanced approach to hair care with carefully selected ingredients. Whether you aim to repair damaged hair, preserve your
hair colour or simply have a healthy shine, KISS shampoo has a solution for every need. Choose KIS hair products and experience for yourself the power of keratin and natural nutrients for radiant and healthy hair.





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