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K18 hair mask

The K18 mask offers an effective solution for damaged hair. The product consists of an innovative formula, which restores the strength and elasticity of the hair.


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What is the K18 mask?

K18 is a mask with a unique formula that helps restore strength and elasticity in the hair. The k18 bioactive peptide in the product mimics the natural structure of keratin building blocks, allowing it to be recognized as natural and penetrate deep into the layers of the hair. This mask provides a lasting solution for damaged locks that cannot be washed away by water or shampoo.

Effects of K18 Hair Mask

The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is an intensive treatment suitable for home use. Within 4 minutes, this product repairs, strengthens and enhances hair. The formula is silicone-free and penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair. Also, this product soothes the hair cuticles and reduces porosity. With the K18 hair mask, you can not only repair severely damaged hair, but also prevent damage. The two main purposes of this product are:


The K18 treatment reconnects the hair's keratin chains, resulting in soft, smooth and strong hair with resilience that feels like new.


When you use the mask as a pretreatment before a chemical treatment, for example, you are ahead of damage to the hair.

How to use the K18 mask?

The K18 mask is easy and quick to use:

  • Step 1:wash your hair well with shampoo, make sure your hair is super clean.
  • Step 2:skip the conditioner.
  • Step 3:dry your hair with a towel.
  • Step 4:divide your hair into equal parts.
  • Step 5:use 1-4 pumps of the product (depending on length and thickness).
  • Step 6:apply evenly to hair from ends to roots.
  • Step 7:leave on for 4 minutes (no need to rinse out K18 mask).
  • Step 8:use K18 several times in a row for best results.
  • Tip:use the mask every 4-6 washes for best results.

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