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Framar Colour Brushes

A good color treatment starts with the right paint brush. Framar has a wide range of paint brushes in a variety of shapes and colors. With these Framar brushes, you can conjure a different color in your hair in no time.


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Using the Framar Colour Brushes

For optimal use, it is important to rinse the paint boxes thoroughly after each treatment. This prevents residue from the previous treatment from remaining and affecting the next treatment. It is best to clean the paintbrushes with water.

Supplies when dyeing bristles

In addition to a paint brush, there are of course a number of other products you will need. First, of course, it's smart to use a hairdressing coat so that not all your clothes get covered in paint. Then you get started with a paint tray where you can mix hydrogen with blonde powder. When setting high- or lowlight, you should also think about foils. After treatment, don't forget to take good care of the hair with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Framar Classic Colour Brush

The Classic Colour Brush has a mix of soft and stiff bristles and is the leader when it comes to setting balayage and all foil applications. Its long life makes these brushes a must-have when it comes to color treatments.

Framar Power Painter

For extra-fast results, use the Framar Power Painter. These paint brushes are extra wide, making them perfect for coloring. The brushes feature AccuSoft bristles and have ergonomic handles. The set includes 1 black brush and 1 pink brush.

For a complete look, use the Framar paint brushes in combination with the Framar foils. The foils are sturdy, have great grip and are available in different colors and materials.


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