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Are you looking for a styling spray that gives your hair more texture and also protects it from heat? Then the Styling sprays from Clynol are what you are looking for! What makes this styling spray really special is the long-lasting hold it offers. Your hairstyle will stay in perfect shape all day, without feeling heavy or sticky.


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Are you looking for Clynol styling spray? Then you are in the right place with us. Known for the strength of the product, Clynol hairsprays are top quality styling sprays. Many hairsprays are difficult to brush out of the hair at the end of the day. With the Clynol styling spray this problem is absolutely avoided! These sprays are very easy to brush out. You experience a strengthening effect all day long and never have to worry about your hair again.

Clynol styling spray

After using the Clynol Styling Spray Xtra Strong 250ml you will never want to go back. All variants of the Clynol Styling Spray Xtra Strong 250ml shop at Salontopper. For example, are you looking for a larger stock of Clynol Styling Spray? Then go for the Clynol Styling Spray Xtra Strong 1000ml. That way you can enjoy this fine Clynol Finishing Spray as long as possible!

Use of the Clynol styling spray

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean and towel dry before using the Clynol styling spray.

Step 2 : Shake the Clynol styling spray well before use to mix the ingredients well.

Step 3: Hold the spray bottle about 20-30 centimeters from your hair and spread it evenly on your locks.

Step 4: Now that you have applied the styling spray, you can start creating your desired look.

Tip: Use styling tools to style your hair. The Clynol styling spray protects your hair from heat, so don't worry about damage from using heat styling.


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