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Babyliss hot air brush

Are you looking for a handy tool that gives hair a nice blow, volume or curl? Then you need a Babyliss hot air brush! With this tool you can create the most beautiful hairstyles in no time. There is a wide range of Babyliss hot air brushes, but which is the best? We are happy to help you out!


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Babyliss hot air brush

Often a Babyliss hot air brush is also called a curling brush. These brushes also literally blow out hot air. This way you get a nice blow, volume or curl in your hair. There are many different types of this tool, with different diameters. Choose the Babyliss hot air brush that suits you and your hair. Do you have short hair? Then you can use a brush with a smaller diameter. With medium to long hair, it is best to use a larger diameter. The diameter of the curling brush also determines the result you create. So think carefully in advance about what hair styles you want to create.

What is the difference between a blow-dryer brush and a hot air brush? A hot air brush blows out warm air and a blow dry brush is a round brush, which requires a hair dryer to style your hair. So this handy tool is actually a round brush (blow dry brush) and blow dryer in one.


One of our Babyliss hot air brush bestsellers is the Blue Lightning Air Styler. This brush has 2 settings that allow you to turn the brush on at 80 degrees or at 100 degrees. The cord is 2.7 meters long and rotates with you. The diameter of this Babyliss hot air brush is 34mm. Do you go for smooth hair, give it volume or opt for curls? You make any desired hair look in no time with this fine Babyliss hot air brush!

Would you like a curling brush that rotates automatically? Then the Rotating 800 is what you need!

Professional styling tools

Besides the Babyliss hot air brushes, this brand also has a wide range of various professional styling tools. Are you still looking for a quality straightener, curling iron, trimmer or other tool? Then choose Babyliss, because with these tools you are always right and you can create the most beautiful hairstyles! You shop it all at


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