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Nail file

A nail file is used to maintain the nails. With a file you shape the nails and smooth the nail edges. There are all kinds of nail files on the market for different nails (for example, natural, acrylic or gel nails). Looking for a good nail file? You can find these at Salontopper!



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Nail file nails

A file is often made of metal, cardboard, glass or wood. Which type of material is best for you depends on the nail. Popular types are:

  • Standard nail file: many consumers and salons probably have one of these lying around. This one works double-sided and has two different types of grit on each side. They are actually suitable for any nail and are widely sold.
  • Glass nail file: is made of glass, has fine grains and is very durable. It is perfect for refining & shaping the nails and smoothing out dents on the surface of the nail.
  • Electric nail file: is mainly used by nail professionals or consumers who have a lot of experience with manicures. It is electric and easily and quickly fixes/fixes broken nails.
  • Ceramic nail file: is perfect for weak and brittle nails, as it is very gentle on the natural nail.
  • Buffer block: has different grains on each side, so you can use a buffer block to shape and remove edges, among other things. A buffer block is indispensable during a (home) manicure.

How to use a nail file?

While filing your nails, it is important to keep in mind several points. It is important to file your nails in one direction only (toward the center of the nail), because if you keep going up and down, pressure will build up on your nail and cracks can occur. Also, you should never remove too much from the sides, otherwise the nails may tear. On the natural nails, always use a fine grit, so that the nails will not be damaged or split.

The best nail file

A nail file is a must in nail maintenance, but it is important to choose the best nail file for your nails. Not only is the type of material important, but also the grit. Grit refers to the granular material. The higher the grit, the smoother the nail file feels. You can keep the following in terms of grit: 80 is very coarse, 100 coarse, 120 medium coarse, 180 medium, 240 fine, 2400 very fine and 3600+ is for polishing.

At Salontopper you can find good nail files from NailPerfect, among others. We are happy to explain which one is best to use for which effect:

  • Halfmoon 150/150: is used for shaping the nails after product placement and for blending tips.
  • Halfmoon 180/180: is used for removing product and is also suitable for the natural nails during the preparation procedure.
  • Halfmoon 240/240: perfect for shaping gel nails, also suitable for preparing thin and damaged nails.
  • Halfmoon 100/180: is suitable for shaping and finishing the nail.
  • Jumbo 150/180: is used for shaping the nails (after applying product) and for mixing tips.
  • 180 Grit: eliminates deep lines in the product prior to buffing and is suitable for use on the natural nail during the preparation procedure.
  • Sponge Buffer: is used for polishing nails.
  • Miracle Shine 600/4000: helps you to polish your nails nice and smooth. Use the green side first and then polish nails with the white side for a nice high-gloss effect.



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