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Kérastase Heat Protection

Kérastase Heat Protection is a revolutionary line of products designed specifically to protect your hair from the damage caused by heat treatments, such as blow-drying and heat styling. Kérastase Heat Protection products are enriched with innovative formulas and ingredients that help to protect hair from the devastating effects of heat while improving shine and strength. Even though heat protection products never completely prevent damage, product lines like Kérastase Heat Protection can help tremendously! So discover the benefits for yourself now at Salontopper!


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Healthier hair with Kérastase Heat Protection

Protecting your hair from heat sources, such as blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons, is important because heat causes damage to hair. Heat makes hair drier, damages elasticity and can even lead to hair breakage. In addition, hair loses its natural shine and vitality. Using heat protection products such as the Kérastase Heat Protection, can make this a little less damaging. One of the main ingredients in Kérastase Heat Protection products is thermo-protective polymer, which forms a barrier between the hair and heat sources. This ensures that the hair is protected from heat damage, making it look healthier and last longer.

All hair types

The products in the Kérastase Heat Protection line are available in several varieties, including sprays, creams and oils, so there is a suitable option for every hair type and styling need. Moreover, the products are easy to use and do not add extra weight or greasiness to the hair. You can easily specify in our filter menu for which type of hair you would like a product from the Kérastase Heat Protection collection. This way you will protect your hair and walk away looking radiant again!



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