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Wella hair dyes

Wella is synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of hair care. With a history dating back more than a century, Wella has presented itself as a trusted brand for professional stylists and avid customers from all over the world. The constant pursuit of perfection has led to the development of advanced Wella hair dyes that transform any hair colour.


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The benefits and features of Wella hair dye

Wella hair dye offers more than just a change of hair colour, as it is a complete experience of luxury and care. With high-quality ingredients and advanced formulas, this hair dye provides vibrant colour, shine, softness and long-lasting results. In addition, Wella's hair dye is designed to respect the health of your hair. As a result, it not only looks beautiful, but also feels healthy. What really sets this hair dye apart from other hair dye products are the unique properties each shade and formula offers. From the intense colour pigments to the caring oils, each bottle of hair dye contains a secret ingredient that ensures an unparalleled colouring experience. Whether you're looking for Wella hair colour for grey coverage, a vibrant red hue or a subtle blonde nuance, Wella has the solution for all your colour needs.

Our Wella hair colour range

At you will find a wide range of Wella hair dyes, carefully selected to meet all your colour needs. From the iconic Wella Koleston Perfect to the innovative Wella Color Touch line, each product promises professional results at home. Explore our range and discover the magic of this hair dye today.

Specific applications of Wella hair dye

Whether you have fine or thick hair, straight or curly, Wella hair dye is suitable for all hair types and styles. The versatility of the range means you can experiment with different colours and techniques, creating the perfect look to suit your personality.

Buy Wella hair colour at

With Wella hair dye, you're not just changing your hair colour - you're embracing a sense of confidence and beauty that radiates from within. Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a bold transformation, you'll find everything from Wella you need at

Frequently asked questions about Wella hair colour

How long does Wella hair colour last?

This hair dye is known for its long-lasting results. The exact duration depends on several factors such as the health of your hair, the chosen colour and proper aftercare. Generally, the colour of this hair dye lasts up to 6-8 weeks before fading occurs.

Is Wella hair colour suitable for grey hair?

Absolutely. It offers special formulas suitable for covering grey hair. Whether you just want to camouflage a few grey hairs or want full grey coverage, there is a Wella hair dye product to suit your needs.

Can I use Wella hair dye at home or do I need a professional?

Although the brand is professional-quality, the range offers options suitable for home use. With clear instructions and simple application methods, even beginners can achieve beautiful results at home.


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