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KIS Bleaching Powder

KIS blonde powder is a professional hair coloring product designed to help lighten hair during the coloring process. KIS bleaching powder must be prepared with development liquid, after which it is easy to use by hairdressers and stylists. Besides being a powerful formula, ingredients such as keratin also condition the hair. Discover the KIS blonde powder from the range at Salontopper and blonde your hair in the color you desire.


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What is KIS bleaching powder?

KIS blonde powder is a powerful and versatile formula ideal for creating blonde hair colors and highlights. The powder contains ingredients such as Ammonium Persulfate and Peroxymonosulfate. These open the hair cuticles and lighten the hair color as they oxidize the color pigments. The result is blonde hair color that is bright and vibrant. The KIS blonde powder is available in different strengths, from mild to extra strong. The strength of the powder depends on the amount of peroxide it contains. Milder formulas are ideal for those with fine or damaged hair, while stronger formulas are ideal for those with thicker or stronger hair. It is important to choose the right strength of blonde powder to avoid damage to the hair.

How do you use the KIS bleaching powder?

The KIS bleaching powder is mainly used by professional hairdressers and stylists. To use the blonde powder, it must be mixed with development liquid. Mixing with the development liquid activates the formula and ensures even distribution on the hair. Development liquid also usually comes in different strengths. It depends on the desired intensity of hair color, how much development liquid is needed. The mixture of blonde powder and development liquid is applied to the hair and distributed evenly. It is important to monitor the hair closely during the lighting process to ensure that the hair is not over-bleached. Once the desired color is achieved, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed out with warm water and washed with shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of KIS blonde powder?

One of the benefits of the KIS bleaching powder is that it works quickly and effectively. It lightens the hair up to 7 shades, depending on the strength of the powder and the development liquid. So you can decide whether you want to make a small or a big change in your hair color, in a short period of time. Another advantage is that the blonde powder is gentle on the hair. Although it is a powerful formula, it also contains ingredients that care for the hair such as keratin.


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