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Kérastase Hair Serum

For strong care of your hair, a Kérastase hair serum is a good product. A serum is a liquid full of working ingredients that can penetrate deep into the hair and scalp for deep action. With a Kérastase hair serum, you can address different hair and scalp problems, as unique formulas have been developed for different problems and hair types.

Kérastase Serum

When your hair needs extra care or you have a stubborn scalp problem, a hair serum can make all the difference. With a Kérastase Serum you tackle different problems, from hair loss to dandruff or just dry hair for each problem Kérastase has a line with matching serum to take care of the hair.

Kérastase Night Serum

What could be better than getting up with beautiful hair. They must have thought so at the brand because a Kérastase Night Serum ensures that the active ingredients can do their work all night long. Thus, the ingredients penetrate deep into the hair so that it works extra well. For dry hair there is the Nutritive 8H night serum and Cicanuit is the Blond Absolu serum for bleached blond hair.

Hair loss serum

The Kérastase Genesis Serum and Genesis Homme Serum are an example of a hair treatment that can reduce hair loss through long-term use. This hair loss serum stimulates the scalp and healthy, thicker hair growth so that hair becomes fuller and grows longer. Applying this every day for 6 weeks reduces hair loss and makes thinning hair look fuller again.

Scalp serum

If you have problems with your scalp, such as dandruff or an oily scalp, a Kérastase serum can help. Symbiosis and Specifique focus on restoring the microbiome on the scalp. When this is out of balance it causes scalp problems. By putting the right ingredients into a scalp serum, Kérastase restores your scalp with a daily regimen.

A Kérastase scalp serum comes in a glass bottle with a pipette. The pipette makes it easy to apply the serum to the scalp. You can thus distribute it easily to the different areas and do not use too much serum, so it will last a long time.


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