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Kérastase Leave-in Conditioner

Whether you're looking for an extra dose of nourishment or want to give your hair that boost in softness? A Kérastase Leave-In Conditioner will give your hair that extra care it needs. You can apply it as an extra after washing and conditioning or just on non-washing days to refresh your hair. A Leave-In Conditioner, as the name suggests, does not need to be rinsed out, this ensures that the nutrition can penetrate deep into the hair and your hair can benefit optimally from the nourishing and often protective properties.

What does a Kérastase leave in conditioner do?

A Kérastase Leave In Conditioner supports your care routine after washing or on non-washing days. A leave-in conditioner comes in many varieties from creamy to spray and mainly makes the hair softer and smoother again. So that you can style it better in addition to giving it a healthier look. The nutrition can soak in for a long time because you don't wash it out, and so Kérastase's leave-ins provide deep nourishment and often protection as well. Because it forms a protective layer around the hair making it less likely to dry out or be damaged.

Heat protection

Many of Kérastase's leave-in conditioners also have heat protectors. These heat protectors are often identified by the Thermique indication in the name of the product. So most of them you use before blow-drying or styling your hair so that heat tools don't dry out or damage your hair.

For dry hair

Many of the Kérastase Leave-In Conditioners are naturally aimed at nourishing the hair so will all help take care of it. The real champion for dry hair can be found in the Nutritive range. This line is aimed specifically at dry porous hair. The Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is the leave-in conditioner for dry hair and suitable for medium to thick hair.

For curly hair

Especially for curly hair, there is a refreshing Kérastase Leave-in Conditioner spray from Curl Manifesto. This spray gives your hair extra hydration and protection. So between washes, you get a boost and refreshment so your curls come back into beautiful shape!


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