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Kérastase dry shampoo

The Kérastase dry shampoo is a must-have product for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution to oily hair. The Kérastase dry shampoo is specially designed to cleanse the hair and keep it fresh between washes. With Kérastase dry shampoo, you can extend the time between washes while making your hair healthier and shinier. Discover our range and enjoy your fresh hair.


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How do you use the Kérastase dry shampoo?

The Kérastase dry shampoo is easy and quick to apply. The product is sprayed on the hair and then brushed out. Before applying the dry shampoo, shake the can well. Then you spray the product on the hair from a 15 cm distance. When applying, focus on the root and scalp. Then you can still lightly massage the product so that it can take effect. By brushing out your hair, you distribute the product well throughout your hair and get the excess out. By using dry shampoo, you can extend the time between washes while keeping your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Ingredients of dry shampoo

The dry shampoo contains several active ingredients that cleanse, refresh and condition your hair. For example, the dry shampoo contains vitamin E and texture enhancing polymers, among other ingredients. The vitamin E protects your hair from damage caused by UV rays. The polymers ensure that your hair gets volume and a much healthier look. Furthermore, the dry shampoo ensures that excess sebum disappears from the hair. After using Kérastase dry shampoo, your hair has a light touch. In addition, your scalp and hair roots are cleansed, leaving your hair feeling fresh and clean.



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