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Kérastase Conditioner

At the base of good hair care is, of course, a good conditioner. And whoever says hair care naturally thinks of a good brand, such as Kérastase Conditioner. This brand has a strong focus on luxury hair care with many lines for different hair types. These lines focus on the care your hair type needs. So there is always a suitable Kérastase Conditioner for your hair type or hair problem!


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Hair issues

Conditioner Kérastase

The Kérastase brand is known for its luxury hair care products. Care is number one with the brand and so is Kérastase conditioner. For good basic care, you need a Kérastase shampoo and conditioner. A conditioner makes your hair easier to detangle and gives it more shine. This is because the hair cuticles close which make the hair smoother.

The closed cuticles also ensure that hydration and nutrition stay in the hair better. So always end your wash with a conditioner from Kérastase! So even if you use a hair mask after shampooing, it's still best to finish with a conditioner. So that this extra nutrition is properly secured in the hair.

Resistance Conditioner

For damaged hair, you will benefit most from a Resistance Conditioner. These are aimed at caring for damaged hair with ingredients such as Pro-Keratin and Ceramide that strengthen and repair the hair. Resistance has two options for conditioners one for each type and a variety that allows your hair to grow long and healthy: Resitance Fondant Extentioniste

Discipline Conditioner

The Kérastase Discipline conditioner targets afro hair and makes it more manageable. The creamy texture of this conditoner envelops the hair, making it smoother and softer. This protects it from frizz and makes it easier to style.

Genesis Conditioner

A common problem is hair loss due to hair breakage. A product that helps with this is the Kérastase Genesis Conditioner. This makes the hair stronger so that hair breakage is reduced and you lose less hair. In addition, this conditioner gives more volume and shine to the hair, so the hair looks fuller too!


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